Donation for Musrara Collection

It is possible to donate to the Musrara Collection project through this link:

If you wish to donate in a more direct and focused manner, please consider one of the following options:

  • Student-researcher
Funding a student scholarship: Supporting a student for one year and thus enabling them to participate in the ongoing research of the Musrara collection.

Funding a documentation procedure for one family in Musrara. We will interview the senior family members of the family, scan photographs and personal documents and open a unique page for the family in the Musrara collection website.

A visual documentation of the neighborhood will be made in order to map out the structure of the important establishments and families of Musrara in the years of immigration and protest (1950-1970). This option includes photography and documentation alongside archive researching that will eventually create a virtual historical environment of the neighborhood then and now.
Supporting the production of an original exhibition based on materials from the archive. An exhibition that will encourage participation of residents of the neighborhood, people who grew up in the neighborhood and the Musrara school graduates. The exhibition will be shown in the Social Gallery in Musrara.

  • Combined
Constructing a unique support package that combines various aspects of the research. It allows the choice of a topic for a cross section special research.

For further information about the options to donate to the project, please contact:

The Musrara Collection project is a powerful tool for social and personal empowerment. The collection brings together many aspects of the visual culture of society in Israel, through life stories and photographs from family albums. The collection accentuates the personal and social history of communities in Israel. The Musrara neighborhood, where the Musrara school resides, was a slum that became a symbol of social protest in Israel - the birthplace of the Black Panthers movement. The residents of Musrara participate in the project - the people who live in it and the people who grew up in it. The project aims to expand to other neighborhoods and towns in the periphery to promote involvement in the community and to implement the social and historical values of personal and familial history in Israeli social structure. We are looking for partners in this journey! Your contribution can support the effort and enhance the activity and influence of the project.

Avi Sabag
School Director