Hannah Mishali Levy RIP, was born in Morocco in Fez. She immigrated to Israel in 1950 with her daughter Simone. They came straight to HaAyin Het Street in Musrara neighborhood. In Israel Hannah met Moshe Levy. The couple had four children: David, Chaya, Mordechai and Hadassah. Later Moses died and Hannah raised her children alone.
Hannah worked as a chambermaid at the King David Hotel.
Hannah Mashaali Levi Hannah Mashaali Levi
David's Bar Mitzvah David's Bar Mitzvah
Haya Levi, Purim Haya Levi, Purim
 Fifth grade at Beit -Yaakov 1965 Fifth grade at Beit -Yaakov 1965
Fifth grade at Beit -Yaakov 2014 Fifth grade at Beit -Yaakov 2014
Beit Yaakov Beit Yaakov
Interview with Chaya Levy Interview with Chaya Levy

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