Jacob and Esther Tobol blessed memory, born in Morocco, where they founded there family.

The couple had eleven children, nine of whom immigrated to Israel. Maurice blessed memory, blessed memory Nissim, David, Yehuda, Miriam, Aliza, Shoshana, Yosef and Eli. the family immigrated to Israel at the end of 48, after spending two weeks in Marseilles. they reached the transit camp in Pardes Hana and then moved to Givat Shaul.

then in '49 moved the Musrara neighborhood. the family lived on the street Elisha 1 block. Jacob Tobol was a shoemaker and the one of the first oil sellers in the neighborhood .

Ya'akov Tobol Ya'akov Tobol
Ya'akov and EsterTobol Ya'akov and EsterTobol
Eli Tobol Eli Tobol

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