Bar Asher (Ben Harush)

Bar Asher (Ben Harush)

Avraham Ben Harush and Sara Atias were born and raised in Ksar Souk in the Tafilalet region in south east Morroco. The father was a rabbi and a Torah scribe. They married in 1935 and immigrated to Israel in 1955.

They were sent to a Ma'abara  in Ofakim and made it on their own to Musrara.

They raised nine children: Yehiel, Moshe, Yosef, Shalom, RIP Hadasa, Eli, Miriam, Meir and RIP Sima (The only child born in Israel)

The family lived on 10 Hulda Hanevia st in Musrara, and then in number 4 on the same street.

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